Out Damn Spot! Researchers Discover Microbes Are the Reason for Stains on Ancient Scrolls

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This is a tale about microbes, a man who became a hermit, and the parchment that carries both of their stories.
Sometime around 1190 AD in Italy, a man named Laurentius Loricatus was born. Trained to be a soldier, Loricatus killed someone by accident and was stricken with remorse. Loricatus became a Benedictine monk and lived 34 years as a mountain hermit. A 16′ long parchment telling his story was written about a year after his death, in In 1244 AD. In 1778, Pope Pius IV beatified him.
With the aid of officials at the Vatican, a research team from Tor Vergata University in Rome recently… more

Source: http://bppro.link/?c=TD2

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