Chicken Coops: What size do I need ?

by stalvey
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When considering different chicken coops, how do I deetermine what size Chicken Coop I need? Here are the basic requirements. You need 3 to 4 square feet per chicken in the coop with 10 square feet per chicken in the Run. In some cases this should be considered a bare minimum.

So now that you know approximately what space is required per chicken you can determine how many chickens you should have. If they have access to a run during the day then coop size is less important. If they stay in the coop a lot then coop size becomes a bigger issue. Based on where you live in the universe is a factor. Are you in a hot or cold area.? I f the chickens are inside a lot then you may need a bigger coop just so you can move around when you are inside the coop.

The three to four square feet per chicken doesn’t leave a lot of room for watering and feeding. So the type coop you choose must consider where to place these items.

Remember chickens sleep on a perch so the feeding area can’t be under the roost.

All chicken coops needs one nest for two to three hens. They like to lay in the same nest and it is not unusual to see two hens laying at the same time. The nest box should be at least 12” X 12”.

So if you decide to have 4 chickens you would need a chicken coop size of approximately 12 to 16 square feet and a run size of 30 to 40 square feet. Remember the size depends on how much they stay inside or outside. If you live in an area where they have to stay inside most of the winter months then you would want a larger space.

If you live in a confined area where spae is limited this will help determine how many chickens you can have.

The link below has plans for different style and sizes of chicken coops.


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