CES Wrap-Up — 2018 Event Confirms Race for Consumer AR Smartglasses Will Be Marathon Rather Than Sprint

Coming into this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the common sentiment among observers was that this was expected to be the big year for augmented reality. But as the biggest tech…

Save Time By Creating Import Presets

If you start to realize you’re using the same settings fairly often when importing images, you can save a ton of time by creating an “Import Preset” with your settings already in place.…

14 Years of C

Buy Clotilde’s latest book, The French Market Cookbook! Hey, you know what I did fourteen years ago, like, to the day? I went ahead and created a blog! About food! And I called it, wait…

Quilts for Terrain

Maura with Quilts, photo by Wynn Myers A batch of 5 quilts created exclusively for Terrain.  I drew inspiration from colors found in the natural world, made only with insects, minerals, and…

New York Times Responds To Backlash From Mormons Over Late Leader’s Obit

More than 160,000 people have signed a petition calling on the Times to apologize. Source:

Formula 1: ‘Sebastian’s emotion and anger just ran away with him’

Listen to 5 live F1’s season review from the Mercedes factory, where Toto Wolff talks openly about Hamilton, Vettel and more. Source:

Pope Francis Calls For Ban On Nuclear Weapons

He noted that the Holy See was among 122 states that last year agreed to a UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons. Source:

Formula 1 drivers’ union gets ‘100%’ membership due to concerns over future

Formula 1 drivers unanimously sign up to Grand Prix Drivers’ Association because of concerns the sport is being diluted by politics and complex rules. Source:

North Carolina’s ‘partisan gerrymander’ could prompt supreme court action

Bombshell ruling commands Republican-led state to draw electoral maps fair to Democratic voters and fuels expectations highest court will set new standardThe last time North Carolina Republicans…

Understanding the Role of the Folders Panel: Part 2

Continuing on from last week’s part 1 about the Folders panel … Find Your Folders and Photos on Disk It is very important for all Lightroom users to know how to find exactly where a given…